White Rabbit started as a small publishing company. Today we still produce Japanese language products, but we’ve also diversified into various e-commerce services. We’re a proxy-buying service, a package forwarding company, and an online shop. But mostly, we’re a group of passionate people working to build great products and do great things with intense customer focus.

As a bootstrapped company, everything we need to do must contribute to being profitable. Without profit, we can't sustain our operations. Lack of outside investors allows us to be customer-focused instead of investor-focused.

Products and Services

~~White Rabbit Express www.whiterabbitexpress.com~~

We’ve rebranded WRE as Japan Rabbit https://www.japanrabbit.com A Tokyo-based proxy buying service. We make it simple and easy to buy and ship from Japan.

Blackship blackship.com A Japan-based package forwarding service.

OMG Japan omgjapan.com An online shop mostly for Japanese language learning items, but increasingly an eclectic assortment of office supplies, snacks, interior, and other lifestyle products.

White Rabbit Press www.whiterabbitpress.com Publisher of beloved products for Japanese language learners, including kanji and kana flashcards and posters, and a series of Japanese Graded Readers for iOS and Android devices.

Japanese Graded Readers www.japanesegradedreaders.com Graded readers are especially written for Japanese language learners. They employ a limited set of grammar and vocabulary, allowing learners to enjoy reading without struggling.

Japaneese Kanji Flashcards www.kanjiflashcards.com

Kanji Poster whiterabbitpress.com/kanjiposter/

Kana Flashcards www.kanalashcards.com

Kana Poster whiterabbitpress.com/kanaposter/

Office Hours

Our Yokohama warehouse office hours are officially 10:00 to 19:00, except for national holidays, Monday through Friday. But talk to your manager if you need some flexibility. Running later than usual? You can let your team know on the #general Slack channel.

Need to get a message to the team after hours? We also have a company LINE group that is useful for after-hours messages. Ask someone to invite you. In case of an emergency, you can contact Mika or Max by mobile.

Office Address

Our office phone number is 03-6450-7109.