Since the majority of White Rabbit employees work in Japan, this section is written with that as the default. Some benefits don’t make sense in other countries. We will try our best to provide comparable benefits and perks outside the US as it makes sense, though.

In addition to your compensation, full-time regular employees also receive the following:


Pension and National Health Care

Enrollment in Japan’s social welfare and national healthcare programs (50% company paid).

Commuting Allowance

Commuting Allowance shall be paid in the amount equivalent to the actual cost required for commuting to and from work up to the maximum amount of 25,000 yen per month., or 4,000 yen monthly for bicycle commuting.

Paid Time Off

Paid leave for full time employees

After your first six months, you’ll receive 10 days of paid vacation plus a few extra personal days to use at your discretion. This is a guideline, so if you need a couple extra days, no problem. We don’t track your days off; we use the honor system. Just make sure to check with your team before taking any extended absence, so they’re not left in the lurch.

We don’t track sick days either. If you’re under the weather, take the time you need to feel better within reason. White Rabbit recognizes, too, that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Consider taking a mental health day every now and again when you’re feeling overwhelmed or mentally fatigued. If a day or two won’t cut it, we’ll work with you to find a way to reduce the burden of your work at White Rabbit on your overall mental health. We really do want your work at White Rabbit to be the best work you do in your life, and we appreciate that that’s not possible if you’re uncertain about your health.

In the following years after your initial six months, you’ll receive an extra day of paid vacation (according to the table above) up to 20 days per year at 6.5 years of employment.

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If you’re feeling your mental or physical health is taking a toll on your work you can go to your manager at any time or during one of your regular 1:1 meetings. You can also go to Mika at any time, who with your permission can work with your manager to help you. Additionally, your manager should check in with you, proactively, to periodically make sure you’re doing okay.

Paid leave for part-time employees

Part-time workers gain paid leave based on days worked per week and employment duration.

The salary calculation in this case is a little less straight forward. There are two ways to calculate, and your pay will be whichever one delivers the higher number.

  1. Last 3 months total wages / number of days worked x 0.6
  2. Last 3 months total wages / 92 days

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